005: Bits ‘n Pieces (and some little friends)

The parts below are what I had forgotten last post: hands, feet, and first head. I feel as though I’m unintentionally working in 1/4 (MSD) scale rather than my intended 1/6 (YoSD) scale doll. Maybe because the bulk of my current doll collection is MSD…? Or it could be that I’ve been having trouble working smaller than this by hand.

Regardless, Pashmina’s current head situation is…a start? Far too large (even for 1/4, let alone 1/6), and translating the features I give her in 2D illustrations to 3D sculpture has been a challenge for her faceplate. There are a few things I’ll change during the next iteration: scale (sizing down her head), mechanics (how the faceplates will attach to the headback), and sculpting methods (smoothing the inside of both halves before baking/molding so sanding is at a minimum, separating the headback/faceplate as a single sphere rather than working in hollowed hemispheres to start).

I’m liking the egg pal as a brand “stamp” on the headback for this line of dolls, though.

BONUS: to push myself to work smaller finished details into my dolls and focus on simpler shapes when sculpting, I made these four little weirdos below. Took some inspiration from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum visit yesterday (I adored the early “Peanuts” strips!) and one of my favorite multimedia artists, Philippa Rice (I’ll link her cute clay characters here).

The teacup and dog figurines are awaiting color, while the dolphin (?) and TV have been painted and gloss-varnished.



I believe that should cover (almost) everything before my first critique tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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