013: Mid-Summer Log

Writing at length seems to be my go-to method of organizing my thoughts. I meant to post more frequently in June and July, but they turned out busier than expected.

Topics to touch on in this log include…

  • AIR-Yamanashi (artist residency in Japan) — this requires a reflection on its own
  • potential thesis ideas/upcoming semester goals
  • pushing my boundaries (within reason)

I think I’ll just power through the list, top-down.

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010: Source Material, Research

As I mentioned in my last post, I draw most of my inspiration from video games that celebrate imaginative exploration and casual interaction (Animal Crossing, Proteus). If you play through my first digital game release, Walk With Me, these aspects should manifest. I hope so, at any rate! Moving forward with Thorn Village, I’ll be exploring these preexisting worlds with a more critical eye, and supplementing the creation of this new space with world-building readings from a few of my bookshelf texts. Continue reading “010: Source Material, Research”

009: Comfortable Space & Virtual Reality

I received some good feedback last Wednesday, and it made me realize several points in my previous project goal that were unclear. My critique group got me thinking about scale (physical size), and how to best represent my ideas of comfort and accessibility. Reflecting on these points, the roundabout method of “silkscreen animation” was especially difficult to explain in a concise manner…even to myself. I needed to hone in on methods that would encompass “comfort” for me, as well as my audience. Continue reading “009: Comfortable Space & Virtual Reality”

007: End-of-Semester Reflection

It’s been two weeks to the day since the Fall semester ended. There are several things I need to work through, and I’m still processing the term as a whole, so this post might seem odd or fragmented as a result. Some things I’d like to address: my art-making workflow, my mentality on art and what makes “a finished piece”, muddled goals, and what’s coming next. Hope everyone had a good holiday! Continue reading “007: End-of-Semester Reflection”

006: Post-Critique #1

It’s been a couple weeks since my previous post, and I’ve been sitting on the subject of my first MFA critique for too long.

Some particular points of discourse from my peers and professor that I found compelling are as follows:

  • Interest in seeing my touch/mark on the dolls I’m making.
  • Construction of diorama/dollhouse to indicate scene, story, and aspects of these characters (Pashmina & Izumi).
  • What might my audience get out of interacting with the dolls?
  • Could the dolls be constructed by the audience?
    • “Build-a-Doll” where there is active participation from audience members to choose which parts are assembled into a resulting doll.
    • Different faces, skin tones, body shapes, and fits of clothing to create unique characters.
  • Potentially explore the collection/archive of dolls I currently have through photography.

The comments about constructing physical environments for the dolls and audience participation really resonated with me. While these types of dolls are difficult to sculpt, mold, and cast by hand, I want other people to be able to interact with and handle them. If possible, I would ideally have diorama setups as well as a separate space for people to “play” with the dolls.

Conceptually speaking, I’m interested in the subject of body positivity and how difficult it can be to accept/celebrate parts of your physical self (like weight, skin color, etc.). In conjunction with interactivity and “mark”, I thought, “What if others had different colors of ink or paint on their hands and then touched the doll?” Having a doll nude (or only partially clothed in white) would add that layer of vulnerability that we so often find in ourselves when considering our bodies and our “imperfections”. And with those marks and fingerprints literally painted onto her body…I’m curious as to how people might interact with the dolls in that context versus general play.

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005: Bits ‘n Pieces (and some little friends)

The parts below are what I had forgotten last post: hands, feet, and first head. I feel as though I’m unintentionally working in 1/4 (MSD) scale rather than my intended 1/6 (YoSD) scale doll. Maybe because the bulk of my current doll collection is MSD…? Or it could be that I’ve been having trouble working smaller than this by hand.

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004: More Progress & Improvements

I had some Sculpey lying around my studio, so I decided to test out sculpting with polymer clay as opposed to the oil-based Claytoon. With lots of referencing my current doll collection and my own hands, I think I’m finally understanding how to manipulate the clay to make recognizable body parts. The paler pieces below are the newer Sculpey hands, which I’ve been refining along with some feet.

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