010: Source Material, Research

As I mentioned in my last post, I draw most of my inspiration from video games that celebrate imaginative exploration and casual interaction (Animal Crossing, Proteus). If you play through my first digital game release, Walk With Me, these aspects should manifest. I hope so, at any rate! Moving forward with Thorn Village, I’ll be exploring these preexisting worlds with a more critical eye, and supplementing the creation of this new space with world-building readings from a few of my bookshelf texts.

The lists below include my source materials (with handy links, if any of the topics strike you for your own studio practice). I’ll be sure to update these lists as my research continues, perhaps on a menu page of its own.

Physical Texts:

Vacation Guide is one I’ve been meaning to dig into for a long time, and feels relevant to Thorn Village in its unconventional presentation of “familiar” places in unexpected ways. We may not have set foot on Saturn, but we know it exists, and have compiled sufficient data to make this “vacation destination” possible.

(Something tells me that Sym’s place might have some fun with gravity/physics and outer space.)

Digital Texts/Articles/Readings:

Digital Channels/Videos/Podcasts:

VR is meant to be an experience! “DJing In VR” really opened my eyes to the countless possibilities that virtual environments possess, especially in terms of building community and the accessibility of art/music/performance to a general public.

Visual/Conceptual Inspiration:

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