011: Thorn Village Progress

The end of the semester is fast-approaching, the weather is finally warming up, and I have some progress images of Thorn Village that I forgot to share sooner! Let’s dive right in…

Early steps! This was before I decided on a more unifying color palette. I only had a couple of colored blocks standing in for the walls and floor, and this lonely capsule toy or “gachapon” model. Now that I have some more Blender experience, I might revisit this one.

Kahtcha’s Arcade – Game View – Feb. 27, 2019

A behind-the-scenes look at the Blender window around the finishing stages of the “HomeBox” model. I use MediBang Paint to get the UV maps colored and pixel-perfect.

Arcade Joystick “HomeBox” – Mar. 1, 2019

Still predates the palette implementation. Before I really settled on a first-person VR experience using Google Cardboard, the player was a tall pink rectangle. Distorted cubes are a quick solution for asset placeholders.

Kahtcha’s Arcade – Editor View – Mar. 1, 2019

The colors are finally here, and hopefully easier on the eyes.

Kahtcha’s Arcade – Editor View – Mar. 11, 2019

I started introducing the Google VR controls to the arcade within the last couple weeks. Right now the head-tracking for “looking around” works, so the next step is adding the player’s ability to move. I’m thinking a “point-and-click” approach makes sense for the headset alone.

Kahtcha’s Arcade – Editor View – Apr. 1, 2019


Current Roadblock:

  • Exporting the VR build from my Windows PC to my iPhone seems to be a near-impossible task (of course those two operating systems never got along)

That should about cover most of the work-in-progress since my last post. My second-last critique is around the corner (this Wednesday…yikes!), so until next time wish me luck!

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