001: A Batch of Questions

Medium, for me, is a murky area. I like to experiment with anything that might help me better tell a character’s story, or better express some of the more personal topics I mentioned last time. That said, the downside to a multi/interdisciplinary approach is that I haven’t quite found my niche. I haven’t discovered where my specialties lie as a “jack-of-all-trades.” Aside from playing D&D and gathering project supplies, I spent some time over the weekend formulating questions about my body of work (and semester project).

“Companionship” — watercolor + ink

Questions on My Practice:

  • Why do I strive to create? What drives me? What attaches me to these fictional characters?
  • Is it possible that I am too inexperienced in any one medium to create meaningful work?
  • How could I incorporate personal themes (depression, identity, belonging, body image, etc.) into a fictional story?
    • How might others connect to these motifs? How might there be disconnects?
    • What might I be able to do to control/balance these themes in relation to Izumi and/or Pashmina?
    • Is it possible to have a positive message on these topics without cliche?

The following questions originally pertained to Hako, but have since been altered to suit Izumi and Pashmina:

  • Why are Izumi and Pashmina’s stories (and their interlocking, singular story) worth telling?
  • Who is Izumi? What is her role?
  • Who is Pashmina? What is her role, and how might it differ from Izumi’s?
  • How does the relationship Izumi and Pashmina share affect their roles and narratives?
  • Is it possible for either of these girls to fit into other personas without losing their personhood?
    • Not to be confused with stereotypes.
    • Could a person see themselves in the character at times, despite differences such as skin tone, biological sex, gender identity, cultural background, etc.?
  • How can I share their story effectively in terms of medium/presentation?
  • In BJD form, would it be more effective to use 3D-printing techniques, or handmade sculpture? Both?
    • How might medium/process affect the presentation/story?
  • In BJD form, should Izumi and Pashmina be contained as untouchable objects of art, or allowed to be played with?
    • What about instances of both in the same space?

We’ll see where these winding roads take me.

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