003: Progress, Indecision

With Molly’s guidance, I’ve started sculpting! I’m enjoying how malleable oil-based modeling clay is, especially compared to paperclay (which cakes itself onto my hands as I work with it). Images under the cut!

So far I’ve made feet, hands, and shins. Hands are by far the most difficult to sculpt properly at the scale I’m working. Not exactly the smoothest pieces, either…but I’d say for a first try they’re alright. I really need to focus on repeating those forms to improve.

Slowly working my way up to the head, which is where I’m beginning to waffle on design. I can illustrate Izumi and Pashmina just fine, but translating their features to 3D might be more challenging than I thought. We’ll see how it goes once I reach that hurdle. At any rate, I have a backup set of characters to work with if I can’t manage human heads.

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