002: Story & Meaning

Should I start thinking in terms of “how can I make something for me?” without feeling guilty or ashamed for creating something self-indulgent? Maybe. This answer changes frequently. Sometimes it feels alright. There’s little to no pressure to share it if it’s “bad”. Sometimes there are aha! moments when reflecting on a scene that hasn’t been shared with anyone else. I’d almost prefer to listen to friends gush about their own worlds than attempt to explain my own… Continue reading “002: Story & Meaning”

001: A Batch of Questions

Medium, for me, is a murky area. I like to experiment with anything that might help me better tell a character’s story, or better express some of the more personal topics I mentioned last time. That said, the downside to a multi/interdisciplinary approach is that I haven’t quite found my niche. I haven’t discovered where my specialties lie as a “jack-of-all-trades.” Aside from playing D&D and gathering project supplies, I spent some time over the weekend formulating questions about my body of work (and semester project). Continue reading “001: A Batch of Questions”

Hello & Welcome

Hello, there! Yes, you, with the cute smile and the coffee cup. I’m Kayleigh, and this learning blog marks my first steps into the MFA program at CCAD. I’ll show a couple samples of my previous work and what I hope to accomplish in my first semester (unless you want to hear me ramble about myself and the kinds of art I make for a few minutes, in which case I recently started a YouTube channel and posted this handy introduction). So, let’s jump in!

Continue reading “Hello & Welcome”